Friday, 26 August 2011

If the heart could speak,
what would it say?
  would it try and tell of the feelings
that are deep within us from day to day..
Love is a vast emotion,
it can fill you up inside..
It can rip you apart and leave you questioning Why?
But Love was given to us as a gift
so precious and devine.
So that we can share it with others,
so that the light may through us shine.
Some of us look from day to day
deperately to just feel it.
Some of us sort through our thoughts
just trying to figure out how to reveal it
One does not know the key to it’s mystery that runs deep.
It exists always, even while we sleep. 
Love was given for a reason..
It is truly just to share.
An emotion to show someone else,
how deep down we really care!
i wake up at two in the morning you standing at my door, and when i get to you, you say, ive known it all along ive known that you have been the one ive loved all along, you the one i cant stop thinking about, you are the one i want to be with forever, i was lying awake thinking that if i don't say this soon someones going to trick your heart and take you away, so i had to come tell you, im sorry for waking you up, but this just cant wait. i was afraid of taking a chance on you because i didnt want to loose you forever. forever isnt ment to last to long but i promus never to break your heart and leave you cold. you have a smile that lights up my world your eyes leave me haunted. so run away with me. sit right beside me while we drive. i dont care where we end up i just want to be by your side. because i love you i always have and i always will. and then i say, i dont care where were headed i dont care how long it takes. i just want to be by your side until the stars fade away and no one ever sees them again.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

one beautiful green eyed disappointment.

as my heart fell you rose to clam it, you and your beautiful green eyes told me you loved me then cut me down and leave me standing in the rain waiting for the kiss from you, the beautiful green eyed disappointment. the secret kiss that destroyed me inside not knowing when it was coming for me, it made me crumble it brought fear but excitement into my eyes, everyday when your eyes catch mine i can see you and me standing in the rain about to have that perfect kiss,  and it feels like no one else in the world exist, its just me and one beautiful green eyed disappointment, i feel your eyes pull away from me my heart starts racing, and all that's running though my head is what if i end up getting that kiss from that one beautiful green eyed disappointment, what will that change?, will i love him even more? i might never get the chance to know, because now its all a  beautiful dream, a dream with one beautiful green eyed disappointment.

fariytale gone wrong

with you my heart doesn't brake the way it used to, because i know that you will just lead me on one more time and i will fall for you one more time. its a story that we keep re opening re entering a fairytale gone wrong a love story that's biter sweet, a bad dream where you leave me screaming out for help and gasping for breathe running for my life so scared to turn back. part of me wish's you would wake up and listen,  sometimes you just have to take a chance let your heart fall if you get hurt get back up and glue the broken pieces back together and move on. because your heart lies where your mind wanders and your mind will never stop wandering. even if love ends up to be a fairytale gone wrong.

let down

all this time wasted hoping you would come around. i gave out chance and once again you have left me cold and let me down. i haven't yet fingered you out but baby i don't have one doubt that one day I'm going to stop believing you and just say you're not sorry and walk away from you. you said a few little words and it made unafraid it made me blind and i couldn't see what you were doing to me. you were leading me on slowly. watching me fall just pretending to catch me. but I'm taking your matcher before fire could catch me whose been let down now.


you have a way of being my everything, you have a way of being my one and only inspiration, you have a way of leaving me completely breathless. your eyes light up my world. your smile leaves me haunted. you leave me speechless. i though i could never see someone shine the way you do. i cant help it if i want to kiss you in the rain but i guess i have to face the truth, because im not a princess this aint a fairytale im not the one you'll sweep off her feet lead her up the stairwell i guess i was naive i got lost in your eyes and never really had a chance. but your still the one that captivates me, your still the one with the smile that leaves me haunted, your the one and only one that leaves me speechless


words can break someone into millions of pieces, and those pieces never fit back together the way they did before. the night were long when my world once revolved around you. you painted a blue sky and went back and turned it to rain. i do see it now that your gone you said you loved me but never meant it at all. i stood there and watched you walk away. im shining over your empty town and there nothing you can do now. i know now that i should of listened when they said, run, take your things and run the other way and never look back.