Friday, 26 August 2011

i wake up at two in the morning you standing at my door, and when i get to you, you say, ive known it all along ive known that you have been the one ive loved all along, you the one i cant stop thinking about, you are the one i want to be with forever, i was lying awake thinking that if i don't say this soon someones going to trick your heart and take you away, so i had to come tell you, im sorry for waking you up, but this just cant wait. i was afraid of taking a chance on you because i didnt want to loose you forever. forever isnt ment to last to long but i promus never to break your heart and leave you cold. you have a smile that lights up my world your eyes leave me haunted. so run away with me. sit right beside me while we drive. i dont care where we end up i just want to be by your side. because i love you i always have and i always will. and then i say, i dont care where were headed i dont care how long it takes. i just want to be by your side until the stars fade away and no one ever sees them again.

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